[Third Time’s the Charm]

I’ve watched my Washington Capitals get shut out in Las Vegas. I’ve watched them get crushed by a team I really don’t care for in Chicago. I’ve watched them win and lose on screens ranging from four to 72 inches.

I’ve never seen them win in person. But today’s my third Capitals’ game (fifth NHL game), and I’m hoping the third time’s the charm.

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[Fools of April]

It’s Sunday. It’s April. It’s April 1st, and we’re the fools who scheduled a weekend driving trip in April, the month when Midwest weather decides to cycle through all four seasons in the span of two hours.

April, you have indeed played us for fools.

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[Playing Tourist]

There’s one place we visited on our walk through downtown Chicago last night that I forgot to mention: The Chicago Cubs official team store.

Now, I’m not much of a baseball fan, but even I knew that the Cubs winning the World Series was a big deal. It’s not often that a sports team “curse” extends to 108 years (although there are a few other MLB teams that are looking at pretty long stretches, too).

But I remember the absolute hysterical joy and disbelief that filled my office when that game concluded and the Cubs stormed the field. It was a magical moment for the entire city of Chicago, and all the Cubs fans worldwide who had waited (not-so-patiently) for that day.

So, when given the chance, I peeked inside the store.

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[Big Bean and Some Cider]

I’m headed back to Chicago, and this time I’m seeing some more of the Windy City … during an appropriately windy weekend. Why I chose to visit in February? Well, you see, my favorite sports team (and the only one I really follow) the Washington Capitals were in town. As was my cousin Mckenzie and her boyfriend, Aaron.

My uncle Darell graciously agreed to host the three of us for the weekend, and ended up playing chauffeur as we went sight-seeing. (Sidenote: Chicago’s pothole problem might¬†actually be worse than Omaha’s, wonder of wonders.)

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