Sioux Falls (November 2016)

There’s a tradition in my family, one that I’d like to see continue. You see, my parents come from big families — my dad is one of eleven children, my mom one of seven — and sometimes that makes getting together for events rather challenging. So, my dad’s side decided to make a few additional annual events as an excuse to get together.

Every year in the fall, there are two long weekends. One is the Brothers Weekend, where my dad, all seven of his brothers, his brothers-in-law, and any male grandchild (or grandchild’s spouse) of college/drinking age is invited. The other is Sisters Weekend, which is the exact same thing, but for the women. And, of course, I’ve been of age for some time now, so I have gone the last two years.

It’s a good time to catch up on the family news, shop, eat, and, of course, get to know each other over a few alcoholic beverages of one’s choice.