Iceland (August 2015)

My cousin Mark and I decided we would take a trip together when we discovered a mutual appreciation for travel abroad. Our original plan was to travel to Iceland in summer 2016, or perhaps delay it to later in 2016, but our timetable moved up by a year to August 2015. I’m not complaining.

We planned our trip, just the two of us (along with consultations with other travelers and our parents for sound advice), over the course of five months, narrowing down our traveling must-sees in order to see as much of the country as possible while staying within a reasonable budget (because we’re broke college students/graduates).

It wasn’t easy to narrow down all the beautiful locations and exciting tours, but we did our best to weigh the pros and cons of each potential trip outside the capital city of Reykjavik. I think we did a fairly good job of exploring what this beautiful country has to offer.

We spent a week in Reykjavik, sightseeing and exploring. We decided against private hotel rooms in favor of staying at a travel hostel (the second time I’ve done so), and I think we made the right decision. In addition to freeing up more funds for tours and fun, it also led us to meet some new friends and really get a better feel for the city.

Iceland was a wonderful choice, and while I likely won’t return (at least not for a long time), I don’t regret the rather spontaneous decision to travel there. It’s quite a unique experience.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


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