[Checking It Twice]

Today was our last full day in Montreal, so we essentially went down the list of what we hadn’t yet done. We also took time to clean and check out of our lovely lodging, and say goodbye to our hosts.

Courtesy of Liz Case

The first stop of the day was at a nearby patisserie, where we each picked out a treat to devour instead of having a proper breakfast. I’m definitely not complaining. My fruit and custard tart was fantastic. Liz’s chocolate and cherry cake looked amazing as well.

After “breakfast,” we  headed down to Marche Jean-Talon once more, this time knowing what we wanted to buy instead of simply browsing. It was a quick in and out, which was a good thing given the climbing heat outside.

The heat didn’t get much better on the metro, unfortunately, when we headed back downtown to check out a few shops we’d passed before. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did score a mango sorbet from a candy store, so I’ll count that as a win.

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We circled ’round the shopping district of Rue St. Denis, and then strolled east along Rue St. Catherine, which had been decked out in rainbows. Just take a look through those photos. I certainly loved the colors. The beading hanging over the street isn’t something I’ve seen before, either. Or, at least not to this scale.

Sadly, we did find the end of the rainbow (‘though no pots of gold), and hopped aboard the Metro once more. This time, however, it was to indulge me.

We pulled up to Centre Bell, the home of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team. The Habs are one of the hockey teams I follow during the season. Sadly, they were knocked out of the playoffs in the first round (New York Rangers advanced), and I have yet to see them play in person. Maybe I’ll see a game this upcoming season.

It was pretty neat to see the giant murals on the wall, I have to admit. And I also found a few souvenirs to take home with me. Say hello to my “Carey Price-lets,” as Liz dubbed them.

We spent the afternoon tidying up our apartment in preparation for tomorrow’s departure, and then went out again for our last dinner in Montreal. It’s strange, knowing you’ll be saying goodbye to a place.


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