[Out and About Downtown]

Welcome to Old Montreal. Step down from your carriage, mind the uneven bricks, and enjoy the sights.

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As you may have guessed, today was spent exploring the streets (and boutiques) of Old Montreal. Montreal is actually celebrating its 375th birthday this year — and that’s a lot of candles on that cake — so you can imagine there’s some impressive architectural history that goes along with that birthday.

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We hopped in and out of shops, strolled through malls, and took a detour to the Port. What we didn’t expect was the Port playing host to an extensive science fair for youngsters. Whoops. We had to dodge parents, strollers, and knee-high children for a few blocks before we found a place with a view.

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And then we crossed back into Old Montreal to walk down the other direction. Now, this weekend happens to also be when Formula One is in town, so there were streets blocked off for celebration. We didn’t mind, though. Fewer cars to worry about, y’know.

Courtesy of Liz Case

We stopped at a coffeeshop for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, and sat for a while in the air conditioning. It’s probably a good thing we came now and not in late July or August (which were options). It’s plenty hot here in early June, especially when walking for hours outside. I’m personally very glad for the breeze.

At the apartment once more, we had an easy decision to make. We’ve been watching a movie each night, but Liz hadn’t gotten the chance to see Wonder Woman. I clearly had to correct that. So we scoured the internet for a showing in English — which wasn’t as easy as I had expected.

Courtesy of Liz Case

But we found one, and hopped aboard the Metro to head downtown again. This time, though, we found ourselves sitting across from a pair heading to the F-1 party, complete with giant wine bottle accessory. And the men were quite chatty (and loud), given they’d started drinking at 10 a.m. (It was a bit after 9 p.m. at the time.)

I was highly entertained, and so were some others on the Metro. One gal even asked to take a photo with his wine bottle.

After parting ways at the station, we headed to the theater (after circling the block because I couldn’t figure out which end of the station we needed to exit), and watched Amazons take the screen.

Liz loved it, by the way. We agreed it’s fantastic, and will likely end up in each of our collections once it comes out on DVD.

Heading home, we experienced a slight hiccup. Apparently, the Metro shuts down after 1:30 a.m. Whoops. Luckily, we were only one stop away from our apartment, and the route home was both by a major street and well-lit. It was also only a half-hour walk (at my pace). But still not something either of us enjoyed, nor want to experience again.

Travel tip: Make sure you know when your preferred method of public transportation starts and stops for the day, and plan around that. You don’t want to get stranded late at night.


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