[Art is Subjective]

Art is subjective. Or is it? Who makes the call on what is deemed art, and what is deemed childish scribbles? Because sometimes I find it difficult to tell the difference. Liz disagrees with some of my opinions on pieces found in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Let’s face it: Some “art” is just hard to believe someone thought it worthy of a museum. We’ve all seen at least one piece that makes us go, “Really? That one? Why?”

This piece, and several like it, simply baffle me. What makes this more “art” than something I colored at age five? Is it a special technique? Is it a difficult color to create and balance? It looks messy and lazy, in my opinion, and the only feelings it provokes is that question of “Why?”

There’s a reason I’m not a judge for art contests, I suppose. I do realize that art is extremely subjective. There were, in my opinion, a large number of pieces I found to be ugly at the museum.

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On the other hand, there are pieces that I personally wouldn’t mind having on display in my home.

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We did enjoy a few hours at the museum, split between several floors and also several buildings. The outdoor sculpture garden was interesting, to say the least.

Unfortunately, we had to delay our plan to see more of Montreal because I had overdone it on the walking yesterday, so we took a few hours to recuperate at home before going back out for a concert in the park.

Courtesy of Liz Cas

We walked past one of the Montreal Public Library branches, and just had to duck inside. The building’s easily the size of the downtown Omaha Public Library building, and very open inside.

Since we were heading to the park across the street, it really wasn’t too much out of our way. Liz was disappointed in their DVD New Arrival section. I agreed.

Montreal, there are so many better options than “Dumb and Dumber 2.” I promise not every American-made movie is that bad. That said, sometimes my own public library’s acquisition choices baffle me, too.

The concert itself wasn’t anything to write home about. It’s one of several free concerts happening in Montreal this summer as part of the Francofolies de Montreal. The park was a nice venue, though, and the crowd was enthusiastic. The weather was fantastic.

After the concert wrapped up, we headed up the street for some food and drinks. And we did find them. We sat down and split a Blues-themed pitcher of sangria at a Blues bar (where the music was much more our style) and then a giant pizza at a pizzeria. It was very satisfying, and we might head back to that street again, since there was a large variety of shops and restaurants.


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