[Catching Up in the Neighborhood]

Sunday mornings are usually good mornings for sleeping in, having a relaxed breakfast, and generally doing nothing. I heartily agree with this schedule, and Beth was right there with me. She got up a little before me and got breakfast and coffee going, and I crawled out of bed soon after (but still much earlier than my usual wakeup time) to join her for breakfast.

After a leisurely breakfast, we made a few plans to meet up with a friend (and former college roommate) later in the evening — enter Liz Case (you may recognize her from my time in Ireland). But we still had plenty of time and a beautiful day, so we elected to take a walk around Beth’s neighborhood.

You’d be surprised to know, even in this time of constant communication and social media updates, just how much we had to talk about. We probably walked for a good hour or so, and very little of it was in silence. (A few moments were punctuated by me gasping for air, but I’ll be the first to admit I’m out of shape.)

There’s nothing quite like walking around a neighborhood with a friend, and spotting all the little details that set a home apart from its neighbors. Like this little guy (and four of his friends) decorating the pathway up to the front door.

Or this fella, decorating a fence. He also provided a deterrent, I suppose, for people thinking of jumping the fence to catch a ride on the tire swing. I was certainly not one of those people, not at all.

Or this lovely sentiment, lovingly cross-stitched and decorating Beth’s kitchen. Y’know. Priorities are priorities. You need those to be in order.

After we got back from our walk, we chatted some more and sketched out a few ideas for future travel plans. Both of us have been bitten by the travel bug, so we have a few ideas. But it takes time to properly plan these things, so we bounced ideas off one another.

And then we were off to visit Liz in her new apartment! She greeted us with a smile, an invitation to raid her tea cupboard, and plates of wonderful ricotta cheesecake with berry sauce (homemade and delicious). And hugs. Many hugs. As is appropriate for former roommates who actually got along (we were not the roommates that get brought up in roommate horror stories).

We arrived at about two, and it was nearly six when Beth and I had to leave (me to get home, and Beth to … do Beth things, and she also has early wakeup call due to work). So, we had a lot to chat about and catch up.

Liz and I hadn’t seen each other since this summer, and even then it was a brief get-together over lunch, so I relished the chance to hear about the last few years. It’s funny, but now all of my Elizabeths (Liz, Liz, and Beth) live in Lincoln. Which is a lot closer than NYC (Beth) or Kansas (Liz), so I’m hoping to schedule a few more visits.

But it was certainly a good way to spend a weekend.


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