[Strolling by Statues]

So, I mentioned that we were just across the river from downtown Sioux Falls in my last post. Well, today was when we crossed the pedestrian bridge and ran wild (we walked, but it’s more fun to say we ran) among the shops. But first, a few of us decided to hit up the Craft Fair in town.

You know those craft fairs where all of the people who can make amazing things suddenly arrive in one place and set up booths? Yeah, that’s what this was. And I was suitably amazed at just how talented people are. I mean, someone took old garden shovels and somehow managed to cut a landscape or a portrait out of the metal. That takes talent.

There were baked and canned goods as far as you could see down the aisles, and artists of every style everywhere. Stained glass, quilts, paintings, wood burning, woodcarving, welded pieces — everything you could think of. The people milled everywhere. Strollers and wagons clogged the aisles, forcing you to either bump awkwardly into the person beside you in an effort to get past, or mow down a baby or a toddler. (I chose the bumping, because I didn’t want an angry mother chasing me around delicate art pieces. That’d be messy.)

I didn’t end up buying anything — mostly because if I started, my bank account would be empty in a flash — but my mother and grandmother both picked up a few bags of soup mix. Mom also found a few art pieces for my parents’ house, which is always good. (I like coming home and trying to spot the additions/changes.)

After the craft fair, we headed back to the hotel to meet up with the rest of the group for lunch and shopping. Of course, we did end up splitting off into smaller groups, which joined up with each other and switched around throughout the course of the afternoon.

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Downtown Sioux Falls has a lot of interesting statues, and I tried to snap a few semi-decent photos. (I think most of them were in focus. I was using my phone instead of my camera.)

After a briskly chilly tour of downtown, it was nice to meet up in the hotel again for supper. And with a crowd of 13 (and a baby), we definitely had a fun evening of talking over and around the many conversations happening down the length of the table. The food was quite good, although I was pretty full from snacking on and off all afternoon. My grandmother even tried some of my mom’s sushi (she’s not a fan of California rolls, so I doubt she’ll like anything more adventurous — more for me).

We congregated around the same area we took over last night once more, and had a bit of fun with another game before heading up to bed. Tomorrow, some of us (not me) had flights at 6 a.m. Blech. My wakeup call was a sensible 9 a.m., upon which my mother and I would head back home.

I’d say it was a pretty fun weekend. Bonding. Shopping. Gossip. Drinking. What’s not to like?


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