[Homeward Bound]

Wasn’t there a movie about this? Oh … yes. The one that still makes several of my friends tear up; the one most of my classmates grew up watching. Y’know, the movie with Shadow, Chance, and Sassy? Yeah, that one.

This is not that Incredible Journey. It was rather uneventful, actually.

We checked out at a reasonable hour in the morning, and actually attempted to hit up the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, only to discover that it must have been field trip day for area day cares and such. There was no parking to be found. And, since the museum basically shares parking with the zoo, that trip was out, too.

So we headed out of town, determined to stop at another town and get in at least one museum. (Poor Joel. We did try.)

We ended up stopping at the Fort Morgan museum, both for a break from the car and to get one museum visit out of this trip. It was a really good museum, especially for how small the town is. There was a good section of area history, and also an exhibit on Glenn Miller, founder of the Glenn Miller Orchestra (which was resurrected after his disappearance). I had no idea he had ties to Fort Morgan, Colorado.

After scouting out the museum, we picked up some postcards, ate some BBQ, and were back on our merry way.

We pulled into North Platte around dinnertime, which was good because our good friends in North Platte had prepared a wonderful night of good food and better company. After stuffing ourselves with chicken paprikash (a Hungarian dish that made its way into Avengers: Civil War), we broke out the Cards Against Humanity and had a blast.

Then, as the moon crept higher, Joel and I bid adieu and drove back home, where we said our goodbyes to each other and a wonderful trip.

And then I promptly slept like the dead until my alarm informed me it was time to go to work.


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