[Sunday Drive]

Today was … interesting. We woke up early rather than sleeping in because Joel wanted to go to a particular pastor’s church service in Aurora. (We made it in time, and didn’t even get turned around.) While he was at church, I drove around Aurora, looking for a bookstore or a coffee shop. I found both, but only one was open.

So I ended up reading at a coffee shop for two hours while Joel went to church and then Bible study afterward. Not bad, for a Sunday morning. I was happy — I had coffee and a scone — and Joel was happy.

After that, we grabbed some lunch at a Chinese place, checked out a used bookstore, and headed downtown to meet up with a college friend of mine. Do y’all remember Sam from my Irish Fellows trip? He lives and works in downtown Denver now, and he was gracious enough to give us a tour of the area.

We met up at the Tattered Cover downtown, which was fun. The store mixes used books with new books, and I spent a good thirty minutes just browsing the fiction section for titles. (Joel and I also spent a fun ten minutes pointing out our favorite kids’ books to each other. Apparently we had a few in common. Are there standard books that most kids read growing up, or is that just a coincidence?)

Sam took us down to Union Station, which was really neat. The upper floor of the station has been converted into a hotel, which … shouldn’t work, but does. There’s also a restaurant in the building, alongside the expected ticket and information booths and waiting areas. The building is beautiful, though. Much of downtown is, really. It’s been revitalized in the past ten years.

After touring more of downtown, Sam took us a little farther out (by about 5 minutes) to where graffiti decorates the walls and alleyways. There were some really impressive pieces of art (and some not-so-impressive ones, as well) on those bricks. I, unfortunately, didn’t snap any photos.

Sorry, folks. But Estes Park is yet to come.


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