[Into the West]

It’s not quite the song from the Lord of the Rings. Really, a six-hour (five and a half, really) drive west to Denver isn’t that far of a trek, at least not when you have a solid driving companion like I did. (Thanks, Joel. I don’t think I’d have been awake enough not to crash if not for you.) But it was certainly long enough that we were ready to be out of the car by the time we pulled up to our hotel.

After dropping off our bags, we headed downtown for supper, since we had booked a reservation at Ophelia’s that night. We got a little caught up in traffic for the ball game that night, but eventually found a parking spot close enough nearby to walk. (We did consider going to the game after dinner — there was enough time — but decided that watching the Rockies play the Braves was too painful of an experience. Maybe another game.)

Ophelia’s is an interesting place. It’s a restaurant/bar/lounge in a building that at one time housed a brothel. (Surprisingly enough, it was Joel who found the place, not me.) The food was good, and the interior was fun. We did come too early for the live entertainment, however. Whoops. Poor planning, on our part. But, had we tried to get a reservation for that time, we likely wouldn’t have been able to book a table. It’s pretty popular.

It was drizzling a bit when we left the restaurant, but nothing that we couldn’t handle. Our server at Ophelia’s had pointed out the 16th Street Mall as a fun destination, so we headed out for a walk (just down a few blocks, not too far at all). By the time we reached 16th, the rain had just about cleared up, anyway.


We saw some interesting art. I’m not sure what significance bison have to Denver. I certainly know their significance to Nebraska, but maybe I’ll have to do some research.

The weekend we chose to travel was apparently also the tail end of the Blues Festival in downtown Denver, and a few musical groups had yet to pack up. So we heard some fun tunes as we strolled down the street. I will admit I was tempted by a street artist (or two), but the only purchase we made that night was at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Boy, those lamps in the middle of the street (it’s pedestrian-only, don’t worry) were pretty all lit up against the puddles, though. I wish I’d remembered to grab a photo.


4 thoughts on “[Into the West]

    1. We had a long weekend, and wanted something within a day’s driving distance (maximum of eight hours). Denver worked out pretty well.

      I’d never been, but Joel had. But we both found new things to see and do.


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