[Among the Branches]

Today was a day for the family to explore together (John had to work, like most responsible adults who are not on vacation). So, we hopped in the van after a little sleeping in and some breakfast, and went for a drive up to Bridgeport.

Why Bridgeport? I’m glad you asked. Mom had done some searching online for fun things to do in Connecticut, and happened upon an Adventure Park. What’s so exciting about that, you might ask. (Hint: You’ll know if you click the link. I’ll wait.)


You still want me to explain? Okay, have it your way. It’s ziplining!

Well, let’s clarify things a bit. Mom and I did not go ziplining. Or climbing. Or anything that required getting off the ground. We, sensibly, kept our feet planted. My siblings and my dad, however, were a bit more … adventurous. Which makes sense, given we were at an adventure park.


After snapping a photo of them all ready to go (they got suited up in safety harnesses soon after), I headed back up the hill to the Discovery Museum. Much more my style, if aimed at a younger (read: elementary school) audience. Which … as Mom and I found out … meant that the science was about our level. (I’ve never excelled at science, no matter how many teachers encouraged me. Something about graphs just … nope.)

We had fun with physics — getting a ball to bounce through six hoops of varying heights in one go — and found out the Wright brothers were not the first people to fly. Strange how that tidbit didn’t make it into any of my history books. Look it up. There were several others.

I also discovered that I do have the upper-body strength to lift myself several feet in the air … if I use a pulley system. I think it still counts. Mom disagreed, and she laughed at my rope burns. Mothers … so mean.

After finishing the museum walk-through, we headed back down the hill to the adventure park to wait for the siblings and Dad to finish up. We also picked out pizza to call in and have delivered for supper at the park. Yum.

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Before the pizza arrived, I managed to snap a few shots of a particular rope/zipline course that was visible from the registry office, and featured my siblings traversing said course. They did pretty well. No one got stuck, or cried, or had to be helped down.

After we had all eaten, we drove out a little further to New Haven to scope out the bus station where Dad would drop me off so I could take the bus to Bradley International Airport. After zipping by Yale’s campus, we found the station, and figured out where to be early the next morning.

It was a fun day. That night, we all squeezed in around the dinner table at John’s and played “Rotten Apples,” a game very similar to the infamous “Cards Against Humanity.” Of course, playing with your parents is always a little awkward, especially when your little brother is the one making the worst innuendos. Oh, they grow up so fast.


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