[Oh! Comic Con!]

To begin this trip, I have to back up a few months. Nine months, to be exact, but not for the reason you may suspect. No, because last September was when I purchased my tickets and began preparations to attend O Comic Con in Omaha this July. Only it turns out that my comic con trip coincided with a perfect date for my parents to plan a family vacation. So, I ended up selling my tickets and flying out to Connecticut instead.

But the fun really started when our plane touched down in Hartford.

We arrived in Hartford mid-afternoon. My sister’s bus from Boston didn’t come in until 8 p.m. That gave us plenty of time to pick up our bags, find our rental car, and explore Hartford. Only, when we started approaching downtown, we noticed a few characters wandering the streets and sidewalks. And I mean characters. I spotted a Rule63! Harley Quinn, Raven from Teen Titans, and not a few Sailor Scouts within minutes of sitting in traffic.

At this point, my parents were confused, my brother was confused, and I was getting thrills of excitement. Could it be?

My mother, as it turns out, had researched a few things going on in Hartford today, so we ended up searching for parking near the Riverfront Food Truck Festival … which just so happened to be connected to the convention center by a second-story walkway. And the convention center happened to be hosting a comic convention. And all the cosplayers, who also happen to appreciate food truck food (let’s be real, who doesn’t appreciate food truck food?), happened to be heading over to grab their dinners.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I may have had a fan moment (or eight). It turns out that while I was missing my own comic con with my friends in Omaha, I still got to see some fantastic cosplays (and explain what cosplay is to my family).

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After dinner, because of course we picked up food while admiring the cosplay and live music, we had to go meet my sister at the bus station. I snapped a few photos of downtown Hartford on the way, because it really is a pretty place. And we found out (by dealing with a number of one-way streets), it’s also pretty pedestrian-friendly.

Our family friend, who agreed to host us for the weekend (and then some), doesn’t live in Hartford. He lives about an hour away, in Stamford. But the drive wasn’t too bad (excepting the accident that slowed traffic to a crawl — we moved two miles in half an hour).

All in all, I think it was a fantastic start to the trip.


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