Yes, yes, I know this post is delayed by a few days. I apologize. I did make it home from New York safely, however, so be at ease. I didn’t intend to put off that confirmation, but … life happens and I’m only human.

My last day in New York was spent walking around Beth’s neighborhood in Brooklyn, eating pizza slices bigger than my torso and drinking copious amounts of coffee. We also spent two hours on the subway/bus getting from her neighborhood to Laguardia Airport. (Two hours, one way. Yikes! It’s like my trips home from college, only … some people travel that far to get to work every day here in the city.)

If that doesn’t prove Beth is a fantastic person and all of you should be her friend, I don’t know what will. She took four hours out of her day to see me off safely, and I love her dearly. I will miss her in the coming months.

My flight home was fine, although delayed by an entire hour because of “weather concerns.” Typical, of course, when you’re flying anywhere in the Midwest. There’s almost always some sort of unruly weather going on. I landed around midnight, and promptly crashed at my parents’.

The next day, I ended up having to drive two and a half hours to get to my own apartment, unpack, and then turn right around to get to work. So, back to the grind. Vacation’s over. But I definitely loved my time in NYC, and maybe I’ll get to visit again someday.


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