[Zootopia and Subway Art]

Everyone knows that the main form of transportation in New York is the subway. Most people also know that there are multiple subway lines and that they all hit up different subway stops. I, however, was unaware that certain stops are also home to tile mural art.

During my vacation here, we’ve stopped at a few of these stations and I’ve obtained photos (though not the best) of this art. I think it’s neat. Beth’s just indulged me. She’s a good friend.

Since today was pretty low-key (we saw Zootopia in the theater and explored a bit more of residential Brooklyn; today’s a recovery and winding down day), I decided it would be a good time to show off the art I’ve discovered on the tracks under the city. So, I guess, enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also figured out why Beth doesn’t like taking the bus. We took it home from the theater and nearly got crushed by schoolchildren after we passed what appeared to be a Jewish school (the boys were wearing kipot/kipa/the traditional skullcaps). It was pretty cramped quarters on the ride home; I think I got squeezed out of a few pounds.


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