[From Park to Village]

Courtesy of Beth Wilkins
Courtesy of Beth Wilkins

From the lower end of Manhattan, there’s a lovely view of the Statue of Liberty (which I have now seen four times, which means I’ll have to cook four full meals this year, dangit). Battery Park marks the ferry lines for Staten Island and also tours around Lady Liberty herself. It was windy and chilly, so Beth and I opted out of a ferry ride.

Courtesy of Beth Wilkins
Courtesy of Beth Wilkins

Battery Park is also home to a WWII memorial to all those lost in the Atlantic.

We did, however, take a long look inside the National Museum of the American Indian. It was a great look at the culture, and also a very solemn realization of just how much culture has been lost due to persecution and genocide. It’s difficult to know just how to respond to that kind of guilt-feeling; knowing that I personally am not directly responsible, but also that I have benefited from those actions.

Courtesy of Beth Wilkins
Courtesy of Beth Wilkins

Once we had explored the park and nearby streets (we found a nice coffee shop and had a long chat while simultaneously people-watching), we headed up to Greenwich Village (which is not pronounced “green witch,” by the way) and Washington Square Park. We actually passed by several buildings of NYU’s campus, which is one of the universities I considered applying for graduate school. There were plenty of college students around; we blended right in.

After ducking in and out of stores, walking around and getting lost, and taking our lunch in a nearby diner (we both love diner food; it’s become a theme), it was time to call it a day. The last few days have involved a lot of time on our feet, which does take its toll when one of us is injured and the other, well, the other is me. Enough said, really.

We headed back to Beth’s apartment to a supper of sad fish sticks (they did not turn out well, and we were disappointed) and a night of HGTV and Daredevil. Beth has also taught me how to cross-stitch, which I’ve never done before. Hopefully I’ll have a project done by the time I leave. We’ll see.


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