[Queue My Exit Music]

Today, at long last, was our day on Broadway. Okay, we weren’t on the stage, but we definitely were in the theater. The Ambassador Theater, to be precise. But before we could even get through the doors, we had to queue up, like a line of hundreds of ducklings.

Our first line was a 50-minute wait outside the Theater Development Fund’s TKTS booth in Times Square. It wasn’t too cold, but the wind, when it decided to show up, wasn’t kind. Thankfully, there were many things to distract us as we waited. I mean, it’s Times Square!

We obtained our tickets (we actually tried to get them yesterday, but I misread the directions and hours, which meant we had to come back a little earlier than anticipated today to get them) and headed out for some food and coffee. (Beth’s a bad influence. I was never this addicted to coffee before this trip.)

Our next line actually came in Starbucks. The Times Square Starbucks had four registers going, and the wait was still 20 minutes to order. Clearly, everyone in New York is caffeine-dependent. But we did get our coffee, only to discover that there was no seating. Ah well. We’re young, right?

We strolled along the sidewalks and storefronts, killing time before our show was to begin that afternoon. We found (and went into) the M&M, Disney, and Hershey stores because we’re adult adults who enjoy adulting. And then we located a crepe restaurant. Yum.

Now, I’ve had crepes before. I’ve even been a patron of a crepe restaurant before (in Ennistimon, in Ireland). This was the longest I have ever waited for a crepe. We waited half an hour for this. But it was very good, I will say. And the little waiting room above the counter was pretty comfortable (as long as you were under 5’6″).

At long last, though, it was time for our show. And so, we skedaddled off to Chicago!

Oh. Em. Goodness. So worth the wait. The set was minimalist. The orchestra was fantastic (and clearly visible, since they took up most of the stage). The show? Well, the show was amazing. We’re completely satisfied with our choice in shows. Absolutely astonishing. The dancing, the singing, the humor … everything.

To cap off our Broadway experience, we ate dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Diner, which is famous for its singing staff. Well, the line for that was another 45 minutes, but once inside, the service was fast, attentive, and yes, musical. We listened to maybe 10 or 12 performances while we ate, and I thoroughly enjoyed singing along and dancing to the music. Of course.

Boy, we were tired after that day, and we headed home to sleep. New York might be the city that never sleeps, but Beth and I are mere mortals and we definitely crashed.


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