[Cultural Exploration]

Have you ever seen the city from above? No? Before today, I hadn’t, either. (If yes, shush, you lucky person, you.) Most New York tourists head for one of the most iconic buildings in the city — the Empire State Building. Beth and I, well, we decided to get a view of Manhattan that included the Empire State.

We headed instead to Rockefeller Center and the Top of the Rock observation platform. And boy, the view from there is quite the sight. Of course, there’s glass surrounding the viewing platform, but there were gaps between the glass panels big enough for the lens of a camera to pop through while keeping the photographer (me) from falling to my death.

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After we made our way around the platforms, grabbing shots from all the angles we could, we headed back down to Times Square, where we promptly got a little turned around looking for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

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Beth will attest to the fact that I wasn’t very impressed with most of the art residing in that building. I’ll freely admit that I never took an art history course, and that most expressions of art escape my understanding. We did find a few exhibits that I just … didn’t get. At all. But the sculpture garden (while chilly) was pretty neat.

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After MoMA, Beth and I took the bus (of which she is not a fan) to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We both appreciated the exhibits here a lot more. The paintings were beautiful, the statuary gorgeous, and the explanations were more like a glimpse into history than an attempt to explain the art.

We didn’t get to see all the museum, sadly, because yesterday’s trek was taking its toll and both of us were flagging badly. I’m not up for tons of walking normally, and two days in a row of just that is not ideal at all. So, instead of heading to the Guggenheim after, as we had originally planned, we headed home instead.

I wouldn’t say that we regretted not going to the Guggenheim, however. We both agree that we would have been far too footsore to enjoy any of it.


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