[Manhattan Views]

Today we woke up to midmorning sunshine, taking our time breakfasting on coffee and cereal before making our way to the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge.

Courtesy of Beth Wilkins
Courtesy of Beth Wilkins

We detoured through Brooklyn Bridge Park, where Beth snapped a gorgeous photo of the Manhattan skyline. (We later saw this same view in mural form on a wall in the restaurant where he had dinner.) Apparently it’s quite a popular spot for filmmakers, as we saw no fewer than three groups with camera equipment.

Courtesy of Beth Wilkins
Courtesy of Beth Wilkins

While we made out way to the end of the bridge, we passed a lovely little walled garden.

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The bridge itself is a little over a mile across, and we had already walked at least half a mile at this point. I am certainly getting my exercise this week, that much is for sure. But the views from the Manhattan Bridge are beautiful.

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The bridge, as with most of New York, is heavy with graffiti and street art. Some is good, some is bad, and some is simply incomprehensible. But it all forms an interesting whole.

Courtesy of Beth Wilkins
Courtesy of Beth Wilkins

We stepped off in Manhattan, and took the train up to Union Square in search of … you guessed it … shawarma. And even better … we found it. Of course, we had to dodge a farmers market and a large number of pedestrians, but we succeeded. The place (Rainbow Falafel on Union Square) came recommended, and it’s been in business for 30 years. And oh my goodness, it was good. Chicken, onions, tomatoes, and more all drizzled in sauce and stuffed into a bread pocket.

Anyone who knows me also knows that this advertisement found on the subway is pretty close to accurate. (And the only view I’ve had of the Statue of Liberty so far has been a far-out shot from the Manhattan Bridge, so …)

After shawarma, we headed home for a bit to rest and recuperate before venturing out again, this time in search of entertainment and more food. We found both. The Museum of Sex had some fascinating pieces on the history of how our culture has changed regarding the discussion and handling of sex and sexuality, and we then headed down the street to Grimaldi’s for real New York-style pizza.

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And, while we were strolling 5th Avenue, we also happened to see the famous Flatiron Building, where the city divides east from west. We took a few photos, because hey, we’re tourists this week.

But the sun has set, and we are sore and tired from all the walking, so we’re heading for an early night. But don’t worry. We have plenty of fun planned for tomorrow.


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