[Dream a Little Dream]

We woke up ridiculously early today (I was out of bed at 7:45, the horror!) in order to obtain our breakfast at the internet-famous Bagel Store in Brooklyn. And by breakfast, I mean one of the rainbow bagels with funfetti cream cheese that went viral sometime in the last year. (See the video below and be amazed. I got to eat one of those!)

After grabbing the bagels, we set off in search of the High Line park for a place to sit and snack.


From the High Line, I snapped this photo looking into Chelsea. I like the lines in this image, but I’m also not even remotely close to being a trained photographer. (I’m lucky if I can get a non-blurry shot, most days.)

The High Line really is a beautiful space, though. I’m very happy someone saw its potential and made an old, unused rail line into a beautiful outdoor space free for anyone to enjoy. While we were strolling along, I was conned out of $1 by monks looking for donations (thankfully, $1 was all the cash I had on me, since the person before had apparently “donated” $20 in the name of “Peace”). We also spotted what looked to be an elementary school art class in one of the arts spaces.


I thought this sign was particularly appropriate, since most of the parking in this city is parallel to the curb. (I’m also terrible at parallel parking, myself. I should just practice more, I know. I plan to find a convenient empty lot this summer and drill.)


After High Line, Beth and I took a coffee break and made the decision to also hit up Central Park while the weather was cooperating rather than putting off to another day. She snapped this photo when we came up out of the subway station.


My mother, upon hearing my travel plans included a visit to Central Park, told me that my 4-year-old self had made a birthday request to visit the statue of Balto after seeing the movie. Naturally, my parents thought that a trip to NYC simply to visit one statue was a bit outlandish for a birthday request. But today, I granted my 4-year-old self’s wish. Goal: Achieved.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While strolling through the park, we encountered a lot of people wearing green (and a few sporting Irish flags). Oh, yeah, and there was a parade going up 5th Avenue, too. I snapped a few shots.


Like I said earlier, the weather was quite cooperative today. We had a few drops fall from a passing cloud, but the sun then came out to shine for the next few hours. We definitely hit the right time to explore the park, though, and even beat the storm back to the apartment.


I think we covered more than a few miles today, even after factoring out the hours spent on the subways. Despite the plethora of food options I’ll be considering (and likely consuming) during the coming week, I don’t think I’ll be gaining much weight. But I might end up getting in slightly better shape (which, strangely, seems to be a theme when I travel; maybe that’s a sign I should travel more often).

Ta for now!  I think we’re going to seek out some shawarma tomorrow, so stay tuned.


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