[Welcome to the Big City]

I have touched down in New York City, New York. What’s more, I was even on time. Thanks, Delta Airlines. Your service was wonderful today. However, I’m not a fan of your super early flights, so maybe I’ll plan a little better for my next trip. (I’m talking 7 a.m. departure with a 6:20 boarding call, which … if you know me at all, is terribly early. I have no one to blame but myself, however.)

My flight seatmates, however, were lovely. Kudos to the guy beside me and his choice of “Creed” as his in-flight movie on the way to Minneapolis-St. Paul. I quite enjoyed watching over his shoulder without the sound. And the father-daughter duo on their way to the NCAA Wrestling Championships at Madison Square Garden were lovely conversationalists.

The airport, I found, was pleasantly easy to navigate, once I figured out at which terminal Beth was meeting me. I have yet to get lost, but maybe we’ll get lost on purpose. I did, however, obtain a Metrocard and ride the subway for the first time. It was … well, I don’t know exactly what I was expecting. It was a subway ride. And a fairly uneventful one, at that.

In case you don’t recognize him, this is James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, from the Captain America comics and movies. He’s also my favorite.

We made it back to Beth’s apartment, where I found the most adorable companion waiting for me in my bed. Don’t you agree? He’s one of Beth’s latest creations, from her new(ish) hobby of cross-stitching. I’m a little bit in love.

After a trip to the grocery store down the street (New York grocery stores are so small! And the aisles are barely wide enough for a single cart, let alone two. It’s certainly different than the Midwest), we decided to visit Coney Island, just for kicks.


The amusement parks and boardwalk restaurants, sadly, were not open yet. I believe some of them will open to the public on the 20th. But we did take a nice long walk down the boardwalk, where a brisk breeze had us shivering and seeking out the nearest coffee shop.

Courtesy of Beth Wilkins
Courtesy of Beth Wilkins

Beth’s been to Coney Island (which is a major tourist trap, I know) before, and apparently the summer crowds can be quite intense. Our little excursion was quiet, although I do wish it had been a little warmer. But we can’t always get what we want, or so the song goes.

Stay tuned for our adventures in Brooklyn tomorrow. We have big plans involving bagels, gardens, and photos (although we make no promises of following through, of course).


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