I’m counting down the days (and hours and minutes, but let’s ignore that) until my flight takes off for the big city. But before I can even leave for the airport, there’s so much that has yet to be done.

Most of you who know me also know that I have OCD-like tendencies regarding neatness and cleanliness, which translates to a deep-clean of my apartment every time I take off for more than an overnight trip. The result: A sparkling, spotless apartment to return to, but also a bit more of a panicked stressing the nights leading up to a trip.

But hey, at least all my dishes will shine, my bed will be made, my bathroom sparkle, and my books will be alphabetized by the time I drive away. And I’ll feel happier for it, so I suppose that’s worth the extra effort, right?

It’s also interesting what you turn up while cleaning. I’ve found an entire section of my wardrobe that I’ll never wear again; some books I’m actually willing to give away to Goodwill (I’m a bit of a book hoarder); and even some stored away Christmas decorations I didn’t know I had. Fun times.

At this moment, I have all the clothes for my trip neatly packed away in my bag. Now it’s time to find all the other little pieces (boots, camera, travel books, headphones) and pack them up as well.

And then I’m off to meet Beth in the city that never sleeps!


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