[Ducks in a Row]

Today was our last full day in Iceland. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to this place, but say goodbye we must. Mark has a full semester of studying ahead of him in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I have … well, I have to be an adult and go back to work after vacation. Is this how my parents felt when we still had months of summer vacation left?

2015-08-14 13.20.33

We went on another city-wide walk today, exploring the rest of the downtown and city center, and finding new places to eat. We also toured the City Hall and discovered the setup for a huge chess tournament (we were looking for the room-sized topographical map, which had been put away to make room for the tournament).

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I also found my Icelandic flag after hunting down every potential shop in the city. It only took me until today to find a single shop that sells the actual flag. What’s with that? In the process, Mark and I got a little held up, or well, locked up. But we accomplished the mission.

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On our final journey around the city, we did stop in at a few of the sights, including two museums and the church mentioned on our first day. The inside is just as impressive as the outside, and we loved staring at the organ. Neither of us play, but we agree it is a beautiful instrument.

2015-08-14 12.59.33We headed back to the hotel to meet our brewery tour pickup, and the tour was fantastic. Apparently, Iceland had a ban on alcohol, too, from 1915 to 1935. What’s amusing is that the ban was lifted in ’35 for everything except beer. That wasn’t legal until 1989. So odd, right? Now, there’s a Beer Day on March 1 in celebration of that momentous occasion.

It seems like Iceland (and the two of us) finally have all our ducks in a row.


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