[Hostel Hospitality]

We’ve told you we’re staying in a hostel before. We’ve even disclosed that we chose a 14-person (not a suite) room for the week as well. We haven’t told you much about the hostel itself, or the people we’ve met these past few days.

Our first night, we chatted with a lovely Australian couple (just married three weeks ago, in fact), who gave us the name of a restaurant we visited tonight. Nice people, but we didn’t see much of them.

Our second and third nights, we didn’t meet anyone (we fell asleep rather quickly), but today we found some common ground with other twenty-somethings (all in undergrad or grad school; I felt a bit out of place, having put my school days behind me). After a while, most of us came to the conclusion that we were hungry, so we headed out to try that recommended restaurant.

Minke whale steak with potatoes and a mustard sauce

After a longer walk than expected (I hadn’t remembered just how far away it was, silly me), in the rain (it rained all day, blech), we made it to the restaurant. The place sold fresh seafood for much cheaper prices than any of the other shops and cafes we’d seen, including whale meat. We tried minke whale steak; it was delicious.

After dinner, we walked down to the harbor, and then to the Harpa Concert Hall. The architecture of that place is fantastic (although there are far too many stairs, in my opinion). If you tilt your head back to look at the ceiling, it makes for a mesmerizing optical illusion. I had fun with that.


We left the Harpa and wandered the streets again until we found our hostel once more, and it happened to still be Happy Hour, so yay for half-priced drinks! It’s amusing, just how much the noise level increases when you get seven or eight pleasantly buzzed twenty-somethings around a table. We had a great time, though, and I thoroughly enjoy meeting new friends.


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