I’ve been preparing for this moment for the past six months, and what a long six months they has been. What am I preparing for, you may ask? Well, if you aren’t aware already, I will be spending a week as a tourist in Iceland. 

I’m not traveling alone, however. My cousin Mark will be my traveling companion for this journey, and I predict it will be quite the adventure. Neither of us have made a trip of this proportion on our own before, so we figured it would be a good idea to toss our lots in together.

We originally planned on making this trip in the summer of 2016, but the timing worked out better if we were to move it up a year to this August, so we booked our flights and tours accordingly. Sadly, since we’ll be arriving in late summer, there’s a smaller chance of seeing the Northern Lights than if we had traveled in the winter. Ah well. Sacrifices must be made somewhere (and I’m not willing to sacrifice on the food, so I suppose the Northern Lights are a small price to pay).

We’ve been making plans (discussed at length over calls, texts, handwritten letters, and Facebook chats) since January, and I believe I’ve been excitedly babbling about the possibility since before then, so I apologize if this seems to be a brag. Feel free to click the “BACK” button at any time, but I do hope you’ll stay and read a bit more.

Our home base will be the capital city of Reykjavik, and we’ve booked several tours out and around the island nation during the week. The plan is to blog each day, so keep an eye out for updates.

Our flight leaves from Minneapolis on Saturday, August 8th, in the evening, which means that we’ll arrive in Reykjavik bright and early (around 6:30 a.m. Icelandic time after a six-hour flight) to greet the dawn. Hopefully we’ll be able to sleep on the plane. I personally have little trouble falling asleep just about anywhere (friends and family can vouch for that), and I hope Mark has no problems either, but I still foresee a lot of coffee on that first day. It’s a good thing we didn’t schedule anything for that day, although I think walking around town may turn up a few gems. I hope so, at least.

It’s a little more than a week to departure. I have so much to do in terms of preparation yet. I’m not worried about packing; I have a little smidgen of talent when it comes to fitting everything I want to take into a suitcase with room to spare. I simply have many other items to check off my list — like a deep-cleaning of my apartment, laundry, and, of course, eating up all of my food within the coming week. It would not be fun to come home to spoiled leftovers sitting in my refrigerator. Blech.

Check back in periodically, since I’ll likely post again in the coming week, and then every day while overseas.



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