[Sound of Beauty]

I can now say I’ve been to a concert at Disney Hall … and it blew me away. Kate and her husband, Mark E. Cull, took me to see Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond tonight. It was incredible.

Now, I’m a music lover, an arts appreciator, and a musician in my own right, but I cannot make this sort of music. (I play French Horn, first of all, and this concert happened to be mainly vocal, but that’s beside the point.) It is nearly indescribable, the sounds and the beauty of this performance, these performances.

Four pieces premiered tonight at Disney Hall. Four World Premieres. Composers Shawn Kirchner (Inscapes), David Lang (the national anthems), Francisco Núñez (Es Tu Tiempo), and Esa-Pekka Salonen (Iri da Iri) presented their works for the very first time here at Disney Hall. Gabriela Lena Frank (Los Cantores de las Montañas) also presented her piece, and I was a member of that audience. Not only is the building itself built to amplify and enhance music, but the music itself is beyond my ability to describe.

Did I thoroughly enjoy myself? Beyond a doubt. Was every piece my favorite. No. But that is the way of music. It is ephemeral, fleeting beauty that is heard and interpreted and enjoyed differently by everyone.


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