[City of Angels]

I spent some time this summer looking for a job. As a recent graduate, I figured that it would be hard to find a job, and hey, it certainly wasn’t a piece of cake (yum … cake). I did end up finding a job, but I took a trip to Los Angeles along the way to visit Kate Gale at Red Hen Press.

L.A. was … an eye-opener. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Midwest and Nebraska, but it was absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring in California.

I flew out on a super-early morning flight (not my favorite time of day, by the way), and arrived in L.A. shortly after 10 a.m. after a stop-over in Denver. For future flight planning purposes, please leave more than an hour between connecting flights. I was very rushed.

From the LAX airport, I made my way to the train station via shuttle. It was much easier than I anticipated to find everything, which was a major relief. Grand Central Station was large, bright, and utterly confusing. I think I asked for directions twice before finding the proper train to Pasadena.

I did snag a TAP card, though, to pay for my train fare.

Once I made it to Pasadena, I met up with Nicelle Davis, one of Red Hen’s poets. She’s awesome. I wish all of you could meet her. She is quirky, and fun, and absolutely full of energy. Short of meeting her in person, I highly recommend checking out her poetry.

Nicelle showed me around Pasadena, and we attended the Make Music Festival, where several Red Hen poets performed (Nicelle among them). It was great fun.


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