Okay, so it’s not the typical homecoming post with parades and crazy outfits.  It’s just a little post about my first full week back in Hastings.

100_2409There aren’t any trees in Ireland, really.  Coming back and seeing the colors of autumn in the leaves was a pleasant surprise, although by the time I dug out my camera (a few days later), all the leaves had fallen.  Luckily (I hope), I won’t have to rake them.

One startling difference in my daily routine actually happens on the walk to the student union, just down the block.  Apparently, while we were in Ireland, there was a windstorm–a pretty severe one, if it managed to split a heavy branch off of one of the trees.  As a result, we now pass a lovely stump on our way to classes and food.

100_2414This was the result of that branch coming down.  It’s not one of my housemates’ cars (or mine, thankfully–that would’ve been a nasty homecoming present), but belongs to one of our neighbors.  I hope they were insured, because this car isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The weather this week has been cold, but not nearly as wet as our last week in Ireland, so I’ve just located several jackets and piled on the layers.  I might have to plan an excavation to find my hat and gloves, though.

I can’t say I’m not glad to be back.  I am.  But I also miss being in Ireland.  It may take a while to completely settle back into the swing of things, but I have three weeks until the end of semester.  Here’s to hoping I can complete everything by then (don’t worry, I will).


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