6 a.m.  Far, far too early to get up–and to tell the truth, most of us decided to stay up and nap intermittently instead.  I think I managed to nap for two hours before we loaded up the van and headed out to Shannon.

We arrived at the airport around 7 a.m., and our board time was at 7:45 a.m.  So, we rushed through customs with our giant suitcases and various carry-ons, pulling off shoes and coats and belts, juggling passports and boarding passes, trying to stick together as much as possible.  We did make it on time, though.

It was a seven-hour flight, and I don’t think I slept for more than a half-hour of it.  I watched movies instead, and then I promptly crashed when we made it to Newark International.  We had a nine-hour layover, and I decided against paying for Internet access.  I did accomplish some homework, but most of the time was spent napping and talking.

We finally made it to Omaha by 11 p.m., and Dr. Babcock met us at Eppley.  My mother (we live in Omaha and it’s maybe 15 minutes to the airport) met me at the airport too, so I got some Halloween candy and a hug too.  After a month away, that’s all I wanted–I was definitely homesick (but not thrilled to be back in the homework zone).

We made it back to Hastings around 3 a.m.  My roommates had baked cookies for the two of us, and left a lovely little message on the fridge.  After writing a message back (I love my roomies; they are the most adorable people ever), I promptly dragged my suitcases into my room, changed into pajamas, and fell asleep.  I think I was out within five minutes of hitting the pillow.

I’m back in Hastings now, and I don’t want to go near an airport for a very long time.  I’m just hoping the jet lag wears off soon.


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