It’s my last day at Salmon Poetry; it’s my last day in Ireland.  It’s time for one last stroll through Inis Diomain, one last crepe at Oh La La, one final pot of tea at Guru, one last time walking down the street to the pubs.  It’s the last time we’ll gather as a group at Breifne, the last time we’ll be Irish Fellows in Ireland.  And it’s the last time we’ll see Davy and Chris Spillane for a long time.

100_2225It’s my last day at Salmon.  In the last month, I’ve organized books and archives, creating a filing system that will, with any luck, help Jessie and Salmon to be more productive and ease their minds.  As Jessie herself said, maybe it’s inglorious work–sorting and filing–but it’s the secretarial duties that make the other jobs possible.  I’ve made a difference and lessened their workload and worries–that’s the mark of a good intern.

I’m not going to lie.  I’m going to miss Ireland (shocker, I know).  But I’m content with what I’ve accomplished here.  Maybe I didn’t get to edit a poetry manuscript, but I’ve learned about the ins and outs of managing a small business.  I’ve attended a book launch–I’ve traveled to Dublin not once but twice now–and I know just how much effort goes into keeping such a small enterprise running.  What I did is just a small part, but my work will still play a part in helping Salmon Poetry.  And that’s worth every bit of effort and time I put in this month.

I’ve made memories that will last me the rest of my life.


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