Lahinch is a small town, smaller than any town I’ve lived in.  I’m from Omaha originally, a city of over 400,000 people, and moving to Hastings, a town of 25,000 or so, for college was a bit of a culture-shock.  It was an adjustment then, and it took me about a month before I felt at home in college.  Now, I’ve finally adjusted to the size and space of western Ireland, and it’s time for me to say my goodbyes.

I’m a city girl, but there’s a certain charm that you can only find in a small town.  I knew coming in that Ireland was half the size of my state–that the entire country had a population slightly larger than that of Los Angeles–but the reality never quite hit until it was time to go.  I’ll miss being able to walk (with ease, mind you, even for me) to cafes and pubs; being able to be in another town within a two-minute drive.

Back home, I rarely walk anywhere outside the limits of my college campus, simply because it takes far too long to walk further.  I’ll be glad to have a car again–to have that mobility and freedom again–but at the same time, I’ll miss that closeness.

However, Hastings is still a small town with a small, close community.  I’m not losing that sense when I leave Ireland.  Instead, I’ll just be expanding my borders a bit–and who knows.  Maybe I’ll have to explore a bit more to find those cafes and pubs (do pubs exist in the U.S.?).


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