Some people say that productivity is overrated–that there’s little point in getting things done on time (or, heaven forbid, ahead of time).  I tend to disagree, and sometimes quite vocally.  However, I must admit that I’ve forgotten about homework while I’ve been in Ireland.

Courtesy of Sam Gentry
Courtesy of Sam Gentry

How can I focus on homework when there’s so much to see, though?  Yes, I have the excuse that I’m studying abroad, but that also means that I should be working harder on keeping up.  Yes, the assignments that I haven’t been completing regularly are due only at the end of semester, but I’m going to be hit hard when I get back anyway, and that’ll just compound the stress.

This probably means that I shouldn’t be posting about this, because that takes away time from completing those assignments, but I don’t know anymore.  I have so much to do that sometimes thinking about other things is more likely to help.  But, hey, I’ve at least recognized that it is a problem.  That’s step one, isn’t it?


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