Well, we made it back to Lahinch.  Traveling by bus was actually not that bad.  It cost us ten euro each way, as compared to traveling by train, which is quite pricey. I can’t say I love public transportation, because I don’t, but this bus was fine.  I actually slept most of the way home (I sleep in vehicles; it reduces the chance of getting car sickness from the winding roads here–I think I’ve said this before).  This time, I wasn’t the only one napping.

Courtesy of Sam Gentry
Courtesy of Sam Gentry

Dublin was a lot of fun, a good break from working on projects and running around the coast, but it was also exhausting.  I rarely walk more than a mile a day if I can help it, and trekking through a city (that has a huge downtown area) is very strenuous.  O’Connell Street, above, stretches for blocks, and down past the river.  I think I’ve met my exercise quota for the semester.

We made it to Limerick and decided that shopping was in order.  When we left Lahinch on Tuesday, we ate all of the remaining food.  So, if we didn’t want to eat out (and after eating out for all of Dublin, we didn’t), we needed groceries.  Sadly, I think we underestimated how much five hungry students can consume in three days, so I think we’ll have to go shopping again before we leave.

Ah well.  All’s well that ends well, then.  And while I had fun in Dublin, it’s nice to sleep in my own bed, and to have the freedom of a kitchen again.  It’s also nice that we won’t have to squish ourselves (and our luggage– which, I ended up packing some of everyone else’s in my suitcase) into the bus rows again.


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