We left Lahinch today, traveling first to Limerick courtesy of Tom Dowling and then to Dublin via the M-7 express bus.  It cost us ten euro apiece to travel by bus, as opposed to the exorbitant fees of the train, which would have cost us more (and more than usual, considering that for some reason, it wouldn’t let us book our tickets online, and fares increase when you don’t pay online).

Courtesy of Kaitlyn Baucom
Courtesy of Kaitlyn Baucom

Here’s a little sample of some of the architecture we saw on our way to the capital city.  By the way, the buses here were really quite nice—and this one runs every hour, on the hour, from Limerick to Dublin and back, which is quite convenient for us.

We arrive in Dublin at noon, which was far too early to check into our hotel.  Luckily, the hotel had our reservations made, and just stored our bags for us until our rooms were ready at 3 p.m.  We descended upon the little deli I had stopped at on Friday and ate ravenously (by that, I mean that Kaitlyn and Liz each had a piece of cake and Sam and I had actual meals).  We then decided to walk around—waiting for our rooms to be ready and for Megan to make her appearance.

We weren’t very exciting for our first night in the capital.  We actually were good students—we all piled into the room I share with Liz and had a homework party.

Tomorrow, we’ll definitely hit the streets of Dublin.


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