Today was spent getting history lessons: Sam and Kaitlyn had an interview on a surfer’s personal experiences this morning, and all of us met up at Davy’s house for food and a lesson on Ireland from John Keane.

Keane is a former elementary teacher who just so happens to have a brain packed full of Ireland’s history.  While at times I simply got lost with the dates and events, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy myself.  He gave us a little lesson on checking our sources, including those of our own country’s history.  Remember, history books are written by the victors, and not every angle of a victory is discussed in elementary and secondary-level history classes.

Courtesy of Sam Gentry
Courtesy of Sam Gentry

Keane also brought in a book written by anthropologists Conrad M. Arensberg and Solon T. Kimball.  The book, Family and Community in Ireland, gives an account of daily life in County Clare (where Lahinch is located) in the early 1930s.  He read out a few sections, and also told the story of how these two men traveled Ireland by bicycle (something I would never even attempt).

History has a way of repeating itself, Keane told us.  Some things, however, I hope are never repeated.  Other things, like the story of County Clare and its residents through the years, I hope can be written down again and again for future generations.


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