I’ve written a lot of postcards lately, we all have, and I realize I owe thanks to a lot of people in my life.  I wouldn’t have gotten this far on my own—gotten to high school, college, and definitely not to Ireland.  Maybe this isn’t a typical blog post talking about what I’ve done in Ireland today, but it is a reminder that I couldn’t have done this on my own, at least not in the same way.

As for how this post came about, I ended up solving a small, but crucial issue for another of my Fellows.  She was having difficulties withdrawing funds from the ATM in Lahinch (this trip is getting pretty expensive, folks, and that’s the truth of it), and her bank froze her account.  It turns out that she hadn’t informed them that she would be in Ireland for the month and thus they freaked out and assumed her card had been stolen.  Truth is, if my mother hadn’t reminded me to call my own bank, I would’ve been in the same situation—and probably much less calm about it.  But, thankfully, I was able to help her figure out the situation and we’re all grand now.

Other than that minor crisis, it was a fairly standard day.  I made it into work, organized and moved books up to the third floor, and went home.  The only thing out of the ordinary was the arrival of a friend of a friend, at our door.  Rather, we actually passed him on the street, in the rain (first real “rainy” day we’ve had here), and figured out he had to be the friend we’d been expecting.

We got him settled in and promptly headed up to the local hostel to meet up with the remainder of his group, the surf club from the University College Cork (UCC).  It was a nice night—meeting kids our age from different countries, all connected through a common interest.  We even managed to get invited back for festivities the next night.

We headed home later than expected, and we also managed to forget our original purpose in heading out of the house—Internet access.  Hence the belatedness of this post.

We can’t all be great at remembering things, but hey, I’m at least remembering that I’m not alone in getting my project (internship) off the ground and running.  I know I owe people (parents, family, teachers, friends) my thanks, and I’m willingly offering it.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


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