Sleep is a precious, precious thing to a college student, as most of you might know.  Some of you might even commiserate with with me on this.  The thing is, I love sleep.

Now, I’ve established a pattern of sorts here in Ireland.  I stay up late having fun and exploring the town (and the occasional pub), and then I sleep in.  And hey, it’s the weekend.

So, as you may have concluded, I slept a lot today.  And that’s just about all I’ve done today too.  Sorry if you were expecting more than that.

After last night’s adventure in meeting new friends at the pub, I really didn’t have the incentive to get up today, and in between meals, I decided naps were an appropriate pastime.

Tomorrow, we’re going out to the Burren on a field trip, so that’ll be a more interesting post to read.  But yeah, every so often, it’s nice to take a day and just sleep.


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