Today was another late wakeup call, but we all decided that it was a weekend, and weekends are meant for sleeping in.  We made lunch, a rough cobbling together of random ingredients already in our kitchen, and headed out to Ennis for some shopping.

Tom dropped us off at the museum, and we had about an hour to explore the town before we had to regroup for grocery shopping.  I immediately headed out to see if I could find an art gallery of some sort.  You see, I’m not an artist, but I want to find a piece of art (specifically a painting) that I can hang on a wall in my eventual apartment.  I think that’d be a pretty sweet souvenir.  I didn’t find an art gallery (after all, we only had one hour), but I did find a few really cool shops that I want to revisit on a later trip.

Courtesy of Kaitlyn Baucom
Courtesy of Kaitlyn Baucom

The streets today were a little more crowded than the last time we went to Ennis, but I think that’s mostly because Saturday is a big shopping day here.  There was also a hurling match going on with the Clare team, so that blocked up a lot of traffic too.

Courtesy of Kaitlyn Baucom
Courtesy of Kaitlyn Baucom

There are a lot of one-way streets in downtown Ennis, but there are also a lot of pedestrian-only streets, which was a nice reprieve.  I’m still amazed with the sheer amount of shoe shops and boutiques in this country.  I saw probably close to 10 in a very small downtown shopping area.

Courtesy of Kaitlyn Baucom
Courtesy of Kaitlyn Baucom

We found a movie theater downtown, and it has this awesome mural of movie stars above the front doors.  It also has hand-drawn movie art (the minions from “Despicably Me” and Sully and Mike from “Monsters University” included), but the photos didn’t turn out as pretty as we wanted.  But look at the mural.  It’s pretty awesome.

After Ennis, we went home and just relaxed for a while.  Then we all got hungry and started cooking.  Between the five of us, we’ve made a few good meals.

Courtesy of Kaitlyn Baucom
Courtesy of Kaitlyn Baucom

We made Indian food, friends.  We had a Tikka Masala sauce, and put together with some chicken and rice, it was yummy.  It was a little spicy, too much for Megan but just right for me and my limited ability to handle spice.

After dinner, we went out to find some wi-fi.  I don’t think anyone realizes how dependent we actually are on wi-fi, but yeah, it’s necessary if we want to keep up-to-date on our classes…which is something I’m slightly bad about.  I’m going to get on top of that, I promise.

We managed to be productive while out and about getting Internet, but they eventually needed the seating for dinner-eating patrons, so we politely vacated the premises.  We would be back later anyway for the live music.

Courtesy of Kaitlyn Baucom
Courtesy of Kaitlyn Baucom

We passed this sign on our way to the pubs tonight.  I just love the last line.  Craic is pronounced [crack], and doesn’t mean what it means in the States.  Here, craic is another word for “a good time,” which is definitely something we’ve had so far.

I think I’ll enjoy having some more “crack” in my time in Ireland.


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