My entire reason for being in Ireland began today.  I traveled by bus to Inis Diomain (if you haven’t read the earlier blog post from today, you’ll learn more about that early bus ride there), but I arrived nearly three hours early.  You see, there’s only one bus between Lahinch and Inis Diomain, and it passes through at 8:30 a.m. and at 7 p.m.

I ended up spending those three hours walking around the town, snapping the occasional photograph and marking out spots that I would like to revisit.  I found the library, a few cafes and coffee shops, and the post office.  Did you know that it costs .90 euros to mail a postcard to the States?  I do, now.


Just about every shop had a Clare County banner in its window(s), and here are three different establishments with flags.  I just love how so many of the shopfronts are so colorful, with just about no regard as to how it looks beside the neighboring establishments.


I like this tower church.  It was a bit of a walk up the street (and a hill or three), but the tower shape is intriguing.  It was a pretty look down the street too.  There was a surprising amount of traffic for a time when just about every business was still closed.

That’s something that’s surprised me here, although I had been warned prior to coming.  The Irish are much more relaxed when it comes to time management.  It can be frustrating, but they’re so nice it’s hard to stay aggravated.  I’m very punctual, and most times even early, and very deadline-driven so such an attitude might end up driving me mad.


I found the library, and while it was closed, I did find this mural on a nearby wall.  I think it’s pretty cool, and it has some interesting crests on it.  The one in black looks to be Inis Diomain in that it references the church that is pictured above, the bridge I took into town, and the iconic falls.


I passed the remainder of my three hours at an establishment called the Guru Tea Shop.  It’s so charming.  There’s a nice little cafe downstairs, and a wonderfully-lit “comfortable seating area” upstairs.  I tried their Nile Tea, and I liked it.  I think I’ll come back, especially because they do have wi-fi and their service was top-notch.

But now, to tell you about my internship.  I met with Jessie today for the first time (face-to-face–we’d communicated via phone and email before).  The bookshop is charming, and there are both offices and a workroom upstairs (and bedrooms for visiting authors).  I’ll primarily be working with archived files–organizing, compiling, and alphabetizing the hard copy files.

I’ll also be doing the usual intern tasks–mail runs, coffee, and keeping the workspace organized.  I spent my first day reorganizing the excess books (books that are doubles from the bookshop downstairs) into their categories and then alphabetizing them for easier access.  It was dusty and required a lot of lifting, but I’ve rarely shied away from hard work (I didn’t say “never,” because my mom, who might be reading this blog, would disagree with that).

After I made it home from Inis Diomain, we made dinner and played a few games as a group before heading out to the pubs.  Now, I’m not much of a drinker–anyone who knows me can attest to that.  To date, I’ve had the rough equivalent of 20 drinks, at max.  I’m also the opposite of “loose with money.”  However, I’m trying to live up the fact that I’m in Ireland, and everyone knows the Irish like their alcohol.  So, I’m experiencing the pubs here.  So far, I’ve liked the atmosphere, though I’ve remained not much of a drinker.

There was live music in the pub I went to tonight though, the Nineteenth, and I enjoyed myself.  I’m not nearly as nervous about being an intern anymore–in fact, I think it’ll be quite the enjoyable experience.

I forgot to tell you–I might be going to Dublin for a book launch.  That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?


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