My wake-up call was again my housemates’ voices in the kitchen, but this time it was at 10 a.m. instead of past noon.  After a breakfast consisting of two cups of peppermint tea, I felt a little more awake, awake enough to get started on my reading assignments for classes back home in Hastings.

I stayed in Lahinch today, attempting to connect to the Internet long enough to post yesterday’s blog and come up with this one.  A few good things came of this.

Courtesy of Sam Gentry
Courtesy of Sam Gentry

Here’s what our house looks like from the outside (I think this was snapped from the street).  We have a huge front driveway, but we really haven’t used it all that much as of yet.  It does come in handy when Tom picks us up in the bus, though.

We walked around Lahinch today, heading down to Randaddy’s for wi-fi and in my case, some midday meals, considering that our pizza-making attempt ended with a little dissatisfaction.  Irish ovens are more complicated than what I’m used to dealing with.

Courtesy of Megan Brausam
Courtesy of Megan Brausam

Randaddy’s is just across from the seashore, so Sam headed down to get some pictures.  He made quite an impression with the birds, and I think this shot only emphasizes his already quite impressive height.

After we got kicked out of Randaddy’s (they closed; we weren’t thrown out, don’t worry), we wandered up and down Main Street until the bars started opening at six.  We ended up in a little bar, the Cornerstone Bar, we found the back way, but we actually passed quite some time ago.  It has wi-fi, and the food is affordable for college students, not to mention there are a number of patrons, so I think it should turn out to be a good place to frequent.


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