[Obligatory Title]

I’ve decided that since I’m going to be traveling out of the country, I might as well keep a log of what I do overseas.  I don’t promise to be a regular blogger, to anyone who may be following me (few, I know), but I will try to update every so often.

I may even post a few pictures.

Where am I going?  Oh, just to Ireland, the green country, the country known for its singers, its accents, and, of course, its beer.  I’ll be living and working in Ireland for a month, one glorious month.

Of course, that’s not to say I won’t be doing anything.  I’m on a trip primarily used as an opportunity for student research.  In fact, my own research project will be partially completed while I’m in Ireland.

My project: a comparative study of publishing houses on either side of the big water, which boils down to a 20-page paper (at a minimum), and a public presentation (involving public speaking, which I am not proficient in). Basically, I’ll be completing research on how the publishing industry works based on my own experiences through my internship this summer and the one I’ll be completing this October.

I leave in three days, and I have plenty to occupy myself with until then.  I anticipate a lot of fun, but there’s also much work to be done. (Ooh…look, I can rhyme.  How clever am I.)


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